Dear Parents,

Here at BOOSC, we have not only listened to the parents regarding their needs for good quality childcare, we have also listened to the children using the service and take in to account their needs when returning from school, on holiday or starting the day before school. 

Our aim is to provide a caring and nurturing environment for each child. We are committed to ensuring that company policies & procedures along with good practice provide a safe and secure place for your children which meets all regulatory requirements.

We are registered with and regulated by both Care Inspectorate and Scottish Social Services Council.

All staff are individually registered as practicioners or managers

with SSSC and also have a PVG membership

Bothwell Out Of School Care is acutely aware of the need to promote the service in the area and to respond to local needs and changing demographics. There is a strong belief that it is the professionalism of the staff and the management that will enable us to continue to provide a high quality service. . We aim to ensure that staff and management are properly trained, enabling them to carry out their jobs and roles are responsibilities in a competent and professional manner.

For more infomation,  please contact us on:

Landline on 01698 850058;

Mobile 07579003212.


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